Vehicle Ordering Services

Sale of Inventory: Sale of  vehicles which we have in stock in Aruba or on the way to Aruba. This is the main location where a customer can see at any time what is available, which is on our website in the “Inventory” section.

On our inventory page we have 2 types of inventory:

  1. Vehicles on the way to Aruba. The estimated arrival date of the vehicle is also listed on the page. These vehicles can be purchased while they are on the way to Aruba.  They can also be reserved by placing a minimum of Fls. 2000 deposit. The rest of the sum is to be paid off in full when the vehicle arrives.
  2. Vehicles in Stock. These vehicles are on display at our location. The sale of these vehicles is cash or bank transfer. We do not offer payment arrangements. If there is financing required we can assist with local banks with quotations.

If you find a car that you want to purchase or reserve, please contact us via WhatsApp 737-0379 for further handling.

If you don’t like anything from our inventory on the website, we do have the option to special order your vehicle.

Special Orders: Purchase and import services of vehicles on behalf of customers. We can look for vehicles or you can also provide us with vehicles that you find online. You can click HERE to go to our special order page.

We can order any type of vehicle LHD and or RHD, for example:

  • Sports cars, sport sedans, luxury sedans, economy cars, minivans, full size vans, full size pickup trucks, small pickup trucks.
  • Heavy equipment.
  • Crashed, damaged vehicles. 

We can also import vehicles that run on different types of fuels, for example: Gasoline, Diesel, LPG, Hybrid, Plug-in Hybrid, Electric.

How to special order cars

We can either look for a vehicle for you, or you can supply us the car from a website or another source.

Below are the following steps:

  1. Provide us with the Year, make, model of the vehicle(s). We prefer this to be sent via WhatsApp at 297-737-0379. The second best method is via email: [email protected]
  2. Let us know your budget that you want to spend. If you do not have a budget, but want a quotation, we can provide that too to you.
  3. We will search for your car and send you all information including photos, vehicle information and its condition via WhatsApp of Facebook Messenger. Keep in mind this process can take from hours, days to weeks, depending on the vehicle.
  4. If you already have found a car on a website, we can give you an estimated total price. If you agree we will coordinate purchase and importation too. You can send us the link of the vehicle for sale via our WhatsApp.
  5. When you have chosen your car, a deposit of 50% is required within 5 business days. The remainder can be paid in full at any time after that.
  6. We will coordinate payment, shipping and customs clearance in Aruba. Everything is included in the price.
  7. Upon arrival of the vehicle in Aruba, it is cleaned and washed before delivery. In order for you the buyer to inspect the vehicle we prefer not to deliver the vehicle in very low light conditions. Normal delivery times are during weekdays from 5.30 PM – till Sunset and Weekends from 9.00 AM till Sunset.


To start ordering, please contact us using the 3 ways below:

  1. WhatsApp: 737-0379
  2. email: [email protected] or [email protected]
  3. Message through our Facebook Fan Page: 


Payments & Reservations

  • Sale of our inventory in Aruba is sold Cash or Bank Wire Transfer only. We do not offer financing, however we can assist in financing with preferred banks.
  • Inventory which is on the way to Aruba can be reserved for you. A deposit of Fls. 2000 is required to hold the car on your name. The remaining balance is due when the car arrives and if you agree to its condition and the invoice and vehicle condition report are signed.
  • Cars can be reserved with Fls. 1000 but the amount is non-refundable.
  • Cars can be bought on  behalf of a costumer from other websites ( ex: Tradecarview, Picknbuy, Japanesecartrade, Beforward,  Autotrader, ebaymotors etc). These special orders need a 50% deposit, the other 50% will be due when the vehicle is delivered in Aruba.


Shipping Times

  • From USA varies from 3 to 4 weeks.
  • From Japan, Singapore and S. Korea varies from 4 weeks to 8 weeks. During Hurricane/Typhoon season (June-November), heavy winter (December-February) or technical breakdown of ships this can go up to 10 weeks.
  • From Europe is around 4-6 weeks.

Shipping and custom clearance times given by us can sometimes vary from a couple of days up to 10 days or more. There are several factors that affect shipping times, such as weather, shipping route congestion, Panama Canal ship sequencing, Aruba customs workload etc. Delays are beyond the control of Red Sun Imports. We will always be giving shipping updates on our website and Facebook fan page as much as possible, especially during the last days of the voyage.



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