Japanese Parts Buying & Import Services

We can buy from the following companies in Japan and ship them to you in Aruba:

  • Yahoo Auctions
  • Up Garage a.k.a. Croooober
Below are the steps to purchase parts with Red Sun Imports. Please read & understand the terms of sale before you send us any requests :


TERMS OF SALE Red Sun Imports is solely a facilitator in the process of importing Yahoo Auctions Japan & Up Garage / Croooober goods and are in no way responsible for the quality of goods purchased.
The items are sold on an As-Is / Where-is condition.
Red Sun Imports does not offer any warranty or guarantees with regards to anything purchased from Japan and will rarely see any goods in person.
It’s your responsibility to research & verify what you are buying and its condition.
Advanced payment is required prior to bidding, so please send the requests with anticipation.
Orders cannot be cancelled nor will any deposit(s) be refunded. All sales are final.
Transit & sea shipping times are not in our hands and may take up to 120 days total in worse case scenarios. (Further explained in Step 5).
STEP 1 CLICK HERE for the Croooober website in English.
CLICK HERE for the Yahoo Auction website in English.
Note: The above web pages will open in a new window.

YOU search for your parts. We DO NOT search parts for you.

Send us the link of the product via: – WhatsApp
Note: This link will open WhatsApp directly.
Please DO NOT send us screen captures, we need the actual links.

STEP 3 We will reply to you within 24 hours with the price including shipping, handling, import duties, admin fees & BBO in Aruban guilders (Fls.). in your hands. No additional fees will be charged.
An estimate delivery date will also be given to you when available. Keep in mind that this date is not set and can vary. Note: We only ship to Aruba.
STEP 4 If you agree with the quoted price, a 100% deposit will need to be made before bidding / purchase. Payment methods are: cash or transfer.
After the payment is made, we will proceed with the bidding/purchase of your merchandise.
Make sure you are certain of your decision. There is a possibility that your requested items are sold. Unsuccessful bids / purchases will be 100% refunded if requested by you. This will be made by bank transfers only and may take 5 business days.
After the order / bid has been placed by us, it can not be cancelled or changed under absolutely no circumstances.
STEP 5 After successful bidding or purchase, the merchandise will be shipped to our warehouse in Japan and will be loaded on the next available cargo scheduled to Aruba. Cargo loading times vary between ~ 30-45 days. Shipping times at sea are between 60-80 days.
We will confirm to you when items have been shipped.
STEP 6 Once the parts are in Aruba, we will contact you to pick-up your merchandise at our location.
Parts will not be released to the customer until they are paid in full.


Quick links for Croooober / Up-Garage

Wheels & Tires – Used & New – Bolt pattern: 4 Holes x 100mm

Wheels & Tires – Used & New – Bolt pattern: 5 Holes x 114.3 mm

Wheels & Tires – Used & New – All Bolt Patterns

  • 15″ Wheels & Tires Package
  • 16″ Wheels & Tires Package
  • 17″ Wheels & Tires Package
  • 18″ Wheels & Tires Package
  • 19″ Wheels & Tires Package
  • 20″ Wheels & Tires Package


Quick Links for Yahoo Auction Items – Wheels & Tires

Wheel Caps

Wheels & Tires – Used & New – 4 Holes – All Bolt Patterns 

Wheels & Tires – Used & New – 5 Holes – All Bolt Patterns

Wheels & Tires – Used & New – 6 Holes – All Bolt Patterns

  • 14″ Wheels & Tire Package
  • 15″ Wheels & Tire Package
  • 16″ Wheels & Tire Package
  • 17″ Wheels & Tire Package
  • 18″ Wheels & Tire Package
  • 19″ Wheels & Tire Package
  • 20″ Wheels & Tire Package
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