Did you see a car on a Japanese used car website such as the ones below and you are interested in the total price in Aruba?

We will quote you the total price of the car landed in Aruba (key in hands).

Click the WhatsApp button to contact us directly. Please do not send screen captures, only links.

STEP 1After receiving your quotation request we will calculate the total cost of importing the vehicle to Aruba.
We will communicate with you the price. The price will include all related charges and fees. There are no hidden and/or extra charges.
If you agree with the condition of the car and the price, we can proceed with ordering.
STEP 2Depending on circumstances, a 50% – 100% deposit will be required to be paid before we order. The sooner this is done, the faster we can purchase the vehicle.
Note 1: We cannot reserve/order a vehicle with no payment.
Note 2: All payments made by the customer are non-refundable. Once you confirm purchase, it will be your vehicle.
STEP 3After the funds are cleared into our account, we will proceed with the purchase of your vehicle.
Note: During this process, there is a possibility that the vehicle is sold to another buyer by the dealer.
STEP 4Shipping is immediately coordinated with the seller. When the shipping information is received from the seller, we will also inform you. We will inform you when the ship departs from Japan with the estimated arrival date in Aruba.
Note: Keep in mind, this estimated arrival date will always change.
STEP 5The vehicle will be imported under our business name. We will never ask you for any personal tax information.
STEP 6We will do all banking, import documentation and handling in Japan and Aruba.
STEP 7When the vehicle(s) arrives at port, we will coordinate transportation to our location. At this time we will also clean the car up and make it ready for delivery.
STEP 8 We will inform you on a pick-up date. You will need to take delivery of the car at our location. The last 50% of the payment will be due at this time. We will then release all paperwork needed for you to register and insure the vehicle in Aruba.
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